High weight, different packaging, various types of containers and pallet sizes: Beverage transport presents a particularly tough logistical challenge. This makes far-sighted cost management imperative.

Our MAN beverage vehicles bring you economic advancement: With their high payload, low loading edge and high manoeuvrability, MAN trucks ensure that your beverage transport business runs safely, reliably and economically.


Strong competition

Intensive competition, fluctuating prices for raw materials and changing consumer patterns pose ever-growing challenges for the beverage industry and result in high cost pressure.

High payload and efficiency

With their high payload, MAN trucks help you counteract the cost pressure of the beverage industry. Thanks to consistent weight optimisation of all components, our MAN trucks are among the lightest on the market. Innovative efficiency systems additionally reduce your fuel consumption.

Changing load conditions

Beverage cases, plastic packaging, beer barrels and empty bottles differ significantly in weight: Constantly changing load conditions are a challenge for vehicle and driver alike.

Variable axle load

The high axle-load reserves of our MAN beverage vehicles reliably compensate for uneven load conditions and thus ensure sufficient traction and safe manoeuvring.

Unstable freight

Due to their high weight and smooth surfaces, crates and beer barrels can easily become unbalanced and start tipping when stacked up high. This makes transporting them difficult, especially on winding roads or stretches with steep slopes.

Intelligent vehicle stabilisation

Apart from body-specific load securing equipment, the stabilisation package with enhanced shock absorbers and stabilisers at the front and rear axle ensure that your fragile load safely reaches its destination. Sensors constantly monitor the driving dynamics. In case of an imminent skidding or tipping hazard, individual wheels are braked and the engine torque is reduced as required. In addition, the Continuous Damping Control (CDC) in the TGX and the TGS prevents excessive swaying of the load by actively adjusting the shock absorbers to the respective driving and load conditions.

Diverse access routes

Beverage transport from the manufacturer to the central warehouse, supermarket or end consumer takes place via motorways, main roads and in urban settings. The access routes are equally as diverse, and especially in business parks and residential areas, they can be very narrow.

Optimal manoeuvrability

To ensure that you can master even tight access routes with confidence, short wheelbases and a steered trailing axle allow for a turning circle of as little as 16.5 m. In addition, the DM, RM gearshift program of our MAN TipMatic® automatic gearbox allows for high-precision manoeuvring even in tight spacial conditions.


More about MAN TipMatic®

Risk factor back pain

Back problems are among the most common physical ailments of professional truck drivers. Which is not surprising, considering that their daily routine is marked by deadline pressure, night and shift work, as well as unfavourable traffic, weather and visibility conditions.

Fatigue-free, safe driving

Reducing the strain on the driver lies at the heart of the equipment at MAN. The cockpit of our trucks is designed for fatigue-free, focussed driving throughout. All cabs conform to the statutory crash safety requirements and provide optimal passenger safety. The mirror concept with main and wide-angle mirror, large ramp mirror and front mirror provide optimum visibility.


Discover our top models for cargo transport.

MAN TGL – a master of manoeuvrability

This is our multi-talented expert when it comes to professional beverage transport. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and its extreme manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures that you are always on the right track when it comes to beverage deliveries, even in heavy inner-city traffic.


MAN TGM – a true all-rounder

It is as versatile as the day-to-day challenges you encounter during your beverage delivery runs. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM is bringing even more transport capacity and reliability to the roads, making it a robust, reliable and efficient partner for your beverage transport business.


MAN TGS – the tough one

This is our specialist for difficult missions. The MAN TGS combines a high payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives full throttle to ensure the success of your beverage transport business.




MAN TGX – an economical package

The MAN TGX is our expert when it comes to top economic efficiency for the transport of mineral water, fruit juices and more. With its drivetrain trimmed for efficiency and performance, the TGX gets more out of every drop of fuel for you: more distance, more torque, more power. Reliably bringing you closer to your profit target.



Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for beverage transport.


Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for beverage transport.

Equipped with the most spacious driver’s cab in its class, the 15 tonne vehicle provides plenty of payload and excellent manoeuvrability. Its broad range of wheelbases means that all common body lengths can be realised. Thanks to its low-frame construction, manual loading and unloading in house-to-house beverage delivery is made substantially easier.

Start configuration

MAN TGM 18.290 4x2 LL

The MAN TGM beverage vehicle combines high payload with a broad range of wheelbases and thus gives you the opportunity to chose from a variety of different body lengths and find the right one for you.




Start configuration 

MAN TGS 26.460 6×2-4 LL

With a broad range of wheelbases for all common body lengths, front axle loads from 7.5 t to 8.2 t and a driveline up to 40 t gross train weight, this MAN TGS beverage tractor is a reliable partner for your beverage delivery business.




Start configuration