Around 80 million passenger cars are produced worldwide each year. They get to the dealerships by vehicle transport. A powerful truck combined with a light-weight trailer with high payload make the perfect team for this task.

To ensure that you can secure a leading position in vehicle transport, we offer you industry-specific solutions ex works, available as long-long, long-short, semitrailer, chassis or transporter versions.



High safety requirements

Depending on the model and vehicle class, the horsepower-packed freight can have a value between one-hundred thousand and one million Euros, meaning that in addition to driver and traffic safety, the safety of the vehicles being transported also plays a central role.

State-of the art safety and assistance systems

MAN vehicle transporters are equipped with state-of-the-art safety and assistance systems: For example, active Continuous Damping Control (CDC) prevents heavy swaying and rocking of the load by actively adjusting the shock absorbers to the respective driving and load situation.

Hard automotive labour

With an average weight of 1,500 kg per car, a fully loaded vehicle transporter has to move an overall weight of 15 tonnes from A to B.

Maximum payload and vertical load

To make sure that you can stay in the fast lane with your business, we put the brakes on costs with various fuel saving measures: The electronic, manually operated gearbox MAN TipMatic® calculates the optimal gear-shift strategy based on various indicators. The GPS-guided cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® recognises inclines and downward slopes up to three kilometres ahead and adjusts the driving style accordingly. This means you can drastically reduce your fuel consumption.


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Lucrative market

Vehicle transport is an extremely lucrative niche business in which a lot of providers compete for the next order.

Cost-cutting efficiency systems

To ensure that you can leave your competition behind, we have equipped our vehicles with innovative efficiency systems that help to substantially bring down your costs. For example, our GPS-guided cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® saves you up to 6% fuel. Our electronic, manually operated gearbox MAN TipMatic® can save you another 9%.


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Maximum use of space

In order to transport as many vehicles as possible at once, it is essential to make optimal use of the space available on the loading deck.

Optimal superstructure capability

To ensure that you can load more vehicles and make every run even more economical, we offer special driver’s cabs with a roof that is lowered by 190 mm and has a slope of 16 degrees to optimally accommodate any superstructure. If you are looking for a complete solution, simply opt for our transporter chassis 6x2 LL ex works.

Long journeys

Since a large percentage of transported vehicles is exported, drivers of vehicle transporters often have long journeys that require them to be on the road for several days. They either deliver the vehicles directly or act as a transfer shuttle for onward transport by train, ship, or plane.

XXL comfort

To ensure that your drivers can feel right at home even on longer journeys, we offer you not only the largest driver’s cab in Europe but also a broad range of comfortable alternative driver’s cab versions. Optimal freedom of movement, specious stowage options, comfortable beds and further amenities offer a whole new level of convenience.


Discover our top models for vehicle transport.



The MAN TGX is our expert when it comes to long-haul vehicle transport. The drive system is specially conceptualised for efficiency and performance, which means that it can get even more out of every drop of fuel for you. This makes it ideally suited for cross-boarder traffic.



The MAN TGS is our specialist for demanding vehicle transports. It combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS is an efficient and reliable power pack that brings your vehicle freight safely to its destination.




Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for vehicle transport.


MAN TGS 23.460 6x2/2 LL-u

Equipped with a Hendrickson 17.5” leading axle, driver’s cab lowering function, roof lowering function with a 16° roof slope, safety package with ACC and MAN EfficientCruise® with EfficientRoll, our TGS vehicle transporter has everything on board that you need for your vehicle transport.

Start configuration

MAN TGS 18.460 4x2 LL

Our TGS short-long combination with flat roof, a 16° roof slope and a 190 mm reduction in roof height is a sound solution for your vehicle transport.



Start configuration

MAN TGS 23.420 6x2/2 LL-u

With a driver’s cab height of 2720 mm and additional Hendrickson leading axle, our TGS chassis is the ideal foundation for individual vehicle transporters.



Start configuration