Nothing can stop you: you can master any assignment with our MAN TGX D38, no matter how difficult or arduous it may be. Our power packet transports up to 120 tonnes in heavy-duty transportation without difficulty thanks to its powerful engine performance; its pulling power is enough to carry you up every elevation, no matter how steep. The enormous brake output of the sustained action braking system then allows you to make your descent safely.

The strong driving force doesn’t just make a lasting impression on long-haul or heavy-duty transport runs, it is also effective on difficult terrain such as construction sites and forest areas. Choose the right semitrailer tractor for your requirements and leave obstacles in your wake with our MAN TGX D38. Our MAN TGX D38 – the perfect symbiosis of unrivalled efficiency and unsurpassed pulling power.



MAN TGX D38 engine in Euro 6

It lends the MAN power marvel its name: the high-performance MAN D38 engine series. This common rail diesel impresses with its extremely high injection pressures of up to 2500 bar and a powerful ignition pressure of 250 bar; consistently ensuring the best in pulling power, while at the same time offering low fuel consumption. Moreover, the two-stage turbo charging with intercooling ensures that the engine is optimally supplied with combustion air, making even the most difficult tasks easy for you to handle. The result: optimal rotation that helps your truck get to its destination quickly, efficiently and reliably. Robust, loaded with energy and always ready: our MAN D38 engines.


MAN TipMatic®

For smooth gearshifting with powerful engines

Our intelligent gearbox, MAN TipMatic®, combines unsurpassed efficiency with the best in driving comfort. Each of your tasks has its different demands. The innovative twelve-speed gearbox continually adapts its switching strategy to the individual demands of your road, saves the data and can then, in future, take a similar approach when driving in similar conditions. Fully automatic, so you are able to concentrate fully on your own task. If your truck has ever become stuck in snow or damp, loose ground, the rocking function of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox can make pulling away easier for you. It automatically selects the best gear to reduce the torque to the drive wheels, therefore avoiding wheel spins.

Why complicate things when it can be this simple?

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Top-down cooling system

So that your engine always keeps its cool

When things get critical, it’s good that your D38 engine always stays cool. Our innovative top-down cooling system in particular ensures that the parts of the cylinder head subjected to high thermal stress do not overheat. To do this, the system pumps coolant through the engine from top to bottom, targeting the components that need to be cooled. The result: long service for injectors and valves and a reduction in fuel consumption thanks to the optimised coolant pump.


Air Pressure Management (APM)

It comes down to the right timing

Why waste energy when it can also be done efficiently? Our Air Pressure Management system regulates the use of the air compressor to ensure it only engages when additional compressed air is actually needed. This not only reduces the compressor’s operational times by around 90% compared to competitors, but also reduces energy use in general. An innovation that is guaranteed to pay off for you.


MAN EfficientCruise® with EfficientRoll

New impetus for your MAN TGX D38

You will always be one step ahead of the competition with our intelligent GPS-controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control. Based on the current load and engine speed, as well as on a calculation of the topography of the road ahead up to 3 km in advance, the system automatically decides on the perfect driving speed. The integrated EfficientRoll gearbox function additionally makes it possible for you to optimise momentum on topographically variable routes, saving on fuel. Saving on the move – reducing costs has never been so easy.

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The MAN Exhaust Valve Brake (EVBec) and Turbo EVB engine brake ensure maximum brake output. This amounts to 340 kW, and even 600 kW for heavy-duty vehicles.


As opposed to previous engine braking systems, with the Turbo EVB the exhaust gas valve sits in front of the turbochargers and is therefore able to develop greater counter-pressure when braking. In combination with an increased air flow rate when braking, the system achieves a maximum brake output of 600 kW at 2400 rpm.


With the Turbo EVB, a large amount of the thermal energy produced when braking is not emitted into the engine cooling system, rather it is discharged directly outwards via the exhaust gas stream.


1. Exhaust gas collector

2. Exhaust gas valves

3. Pneumatic actuator

4. High-pressure turbocharger
















Design highlights, as far as the eye can see. Discover more about the finer details of the MAN TGX D38 here. For a strong first impression.


Glossy appearance 
Shine brighter than the competition: The side mirror covers and radiator protective cover are finished in platinum silver and make an instant impression. For an appearance that makes a clear statement.


Visible performance
540, 580, or what about 640 HP? The TGX D38 is not afraid to show what it can do. That's why you will find the HP output designations in raised lettering on the doors of our high performer.


Recognition value
High-quality chrome for a noble name: The D38 lettering adorns our powerful truck on both the driver and co-driver's door. Understated was yesterday: show the power of your MAN TGX D38 from the get-go.



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