Whether fresh or frozen goods - food transport is a temperature-sensitive operation that is turned into a particular logistic challenge by strict hygiene and environmental restrictions. MAN trucks for food transport combine powerful cooling units with maximum payload, high manoeuvrability, easier loading and exemplary environmental sustainability - meaning that you can leave behind the competition with coolly calculated offers.


No interruptions to the cooling chain

Transporting temperature-controlled goods is a delicate task. After all, meat, fish and milk products as well as frozen goods must always reach there destination at their optimum temperature. In order to fulfil the quality requirements for the transport of delicate food, refrigerated goods vehicles have to be optimally prepared for their task.

Industry-specific equipment

MAN is cooperating closely with all leading manufacturers of cooling machines. No matter whether it is a front-wall mounted unit with diesel drive, generator drive or compressor drive or an underfloor unit - we offer you optimal solutions to ensure that your refrigerated goods vehicles always perform at their best. For this, we provide a designated interface for the installation of additional units. For example, many vehicle versions come prepared for installation of a FRIGOBLOCK alternator. Meaning you can always count on getting your goods to their destination at the right temperature.

Height-constrained access routes

Deliveries in urban and residential areas are distinguished by stop and go traffic, tight access routes and a tense parking situation. What makes this even more difficult is that vehicles with refrigerated bodies are often too high for gateway passages and delivery areas that are similar to underground car parks.

Excellent urban usability

We offer you the right cabs for refrigerated transport as series standard - meaning you can easily pass through access routes with height restrictions. For special cases, we also offer roof recesses. Short wheelbases and steered trailing axles provide a smaller turning circle and particularly good manoeuvring behaviour in heavy inner-city traffic.

Elaborate technology

Due to the elaborate, insulated construction and the cooling unit, bodies for refrigerated goods vehicles are technically more intricate compared to other closed bodies, meaning they are more time-intensive and costly.

Optimal bodywork preparation

MAN trucks for food transport are already prepared for the installation of cooling units ex works. Even the electrical components in the driver’s cab, such as the control module for external data exchange (KSM) and the fleet management system interface 2.0 (FMS) are already integrated in the vehicle.

Tough competitive struggle

Since the margins for the transport of refrigerated goods are higher than for other goods in the food transport industry, the competition in this area is particularly tough. If you want to stay ahead of the race for the next lucrative order and be in a top position, it is essential to offer higher transport capacities than the competition.

Unrivalled payload advantage

Each kilo of vehicle weight less means more profit for you. To ensure that you can transport more foodstuffs per load, we develop our vehicles with focus on light-weight construction. Thanks to their unrivalled payload advantage, MAN trucks up your profits in the food transport business.


Discover our top models for cargo transport.


The MAN TGL is our multi-talented expert for short-haul and distribution transport for temperature-controlled goods. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and excellent manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures that you are always on the right track in heavy inner-city traffic.




It is as versatile as your day-to-day challenges. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM brings even more transport capacity and reliability to the road, making it a robust, reliable and efficient partner for your food transport business.




The MAN TGS is our specialist for difficult missions. It combines high payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives full throttle to ensure the success of your food transport business.






The MAN TGX is our expert when it comes to top economic efficiency in food transport. With its drivetrain trimmed for efficiency and high performance, the TGX gets even more out of every drop of fuel for you: more distance, more torque, more power.




Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for food transport.


MAN TGL 12.220 4x2 BL

Equipped with the most spacious driver’s cab in its class, the MAN TGL refrigerated goods vehicle offers high manoeuvrability, a broad range of wheelbases for all common body solutions and a low loading edge for easier loading and unloading thanks to its low-height construction. The vehicle is already prepared for the installation of cooling systems at the engine ex works.

Start configuration

MAN TGM 15.290 4x2 LL

High manoeuvrability, a low loading edge and a broad range of wheelbases for all common body lengths distinguish this MAN TGM refrigerated goods vehicle. The vehicle is prepared for the installation of cooling systems at the engine ex works.




Start configuration 

MAN TGM 18.320 4x2 BL

Prepared ex works for the installation of cooling systems on the engine, the vehicle also offers a broad range of available wheelbases for all common body lengths.






Start configuration 

MAN TGS 26.470 6x2-2 LL

With a broad range of wheelbases for all common body lengths, available front axle loads from 7.5 t to 8.2 t and a driveline with up to 40 t gross train weight, this MAN TGS articulated refrigerated goods vehicle is the ideal partner for the transport of refrigerated goods.




Start configuration


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