A major safety benefit for everyone on the road: Put an end to safety risks caused by blind spots and badly visible areas around your vehicle. With our innovative camera systems, you always have a complete and reliable picture of the traffic situation - when turning and changing lanes, as well as when reversing or manoeuvring in the tightest spaces.



MAN BirdView: 360° camera system

Video turning system (VAS)

Reversing camera



Benefit from increased safety with our innovative camera systems.


For new vehicles as well as your existing vehicles: MAN can equip your vehicles with custom camera systems depending on your requirements. We provide free advice and would be pleased to prepare an offer for your vehicle.

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MAN BirdView: 360° camera system


MAN BirdView provides you with a 360° bird's eye view of the immediate vicinity of your vehicle - including all blind spots.


Four HD cameras with fish-eye lenses mounted on the outside of your vehicle transfer their images to the 7-inch colour screen in the cockpit. Thanks to the comprehensive all-round view of the multi-camera systems, you can see other traffic or obstacles, thereby minimizing the risk when turning or manoeuvring.


MAN BirdView activates automatically. The view of the surroundings (front, sides, rear) on your monitor changes depending on the situation. The system takes into account the current speed, activation of an indicator or the gear selection, among other things.


The monitor gives you an optimal overview in every driving situation, allowing you to manoeuvre with centimetre precision and turn safely.


With the optionally available recorder, it is also possible to document the images delivered by your MAN BirdView camera, for example for later damage analysis.


The system for safe turning


When checking the rear-view mirror or side mirrors, there always remains a blind spot. Other road users and obstacles simply cannot be seen in this area from the driver's seat. Eliminate this risk: Thanks to the support provided by the MAN video turning system (VAS), you have a reliable view of everything when turning and changing lanes.


Our video turning system captures the previously invisible area next to your vehicle. This is made possible by a 150° wide-angle camera, which is mounted externally on the side of the driver’s cab. It captures the blind spot and transmits the video image in real time, either to the vehicle display on the dashboard or to an additional monitor mounted on the passenger side.


For even greater safety, we also offer additional ultrasonic sensors for the VAS camera system as special equipment: The sensors, which are mounted on the front and passenger side of the vehicle, continuously capture the immediate surroundings. They reliably detect every object which is located in the immediate vicinity of the driver’s cab. If another road user approaches the vehicle, an optical signal will inform you immediately. An additional acoustic signal sounds if an obstacle is within the hazard zone when you are getting ready to drive off.


The “easy way to keep the rear in view”


Checking the rear-view mirror is often not enough to ensure safe manoeuvring and reversing. It doesn’t allow you to see what is happening behind your vehicle. Thanks to our reversing camera/monitor systems you have a complete view of what is happening behind, next to or in front of your vehicle via the integrated display in the dashboard or via an additional monitor available as an option.


We offer our reversing camera/monitor systems for MAN vehicles in modular form. You can get a clear view of the area behind your vehicle for just the truck on its own as well as for trucks with semitrailer or trailer. In addition, special solutions are also available. For example, installing a load camera or application-specific surroundings detection systems.


Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Gain valuable reaction time: The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) provides immediate warning in the event of an imminent collision and even stops the truck independently if needed. In addition, the Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS) warns vehicles behind.


To the Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Lane Guard Support (LGS) & Lane Return Assist (LRA)

Safely on track with the MAN lane assists: The Lane Guard Support (LGS) warns the driver if they accidentally leave the lane. The Lane Return Assist (LRA) actively intervenes if the vehicle leaves a lane without the indicator being operated.

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Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

Reacts before anything happens: The MAN AttentionGuard detects early signs of reduced driver attention or noticeable changes in steering behaviour - particularly deviating from the lane - and provides a warning before dangerous situations can arise.


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