The MAN BrakeMatic intelligent electronic braking management system automatically coordinates the application of the different service brake systems, reducing the strain on the driver. When the driver operates the brake pedal, the fast-acting wheel brakes and their stability components operate first.


Following a time delay, the continuous brakes activated by the MAN BrakeMatic take the strain off the service brake. The continuous brakes are applied at the same rate at which the service brake is released. This provides the ideal interaction of the braking systems and their components.


Superior braking performance

Superior driving behaviour is guaranteed by the intelligent MAN BrakeMatic brake management system with Electronic Braking System (EBS), Anti-lock Braking system (ABS) and powerful disc brakes on all wheels or hub brakes in case of AP axles. This ensures that vehicles gain that crucial metre when braking – for the safety of all road users.


Activation of the continuous brakes

The MAN EVB (exhaust valve brake) enables powerful, wear-free braking and controlled downhill driving at high speeds with up to 290 kW of braking power. The engine braking power increases when the exhaust valves are opened briefly. A further improvement is the pressure-controlled MAN EVBec. This provides an even greater braking torque at lower speeds. In this way, MAN BrakeMatic allows the speed to be kept constant when driving downhill by automatically activating the continuous brakes.

The EVBec extends the normal EVB function to enable continuously variable brake output. This is achieved by regulating the exhaust back-pressure with the engine brake valve in the exhaust pipe. The air-actuated engine brake valve closes the exhaust pipe step by step depending on the desired brake output, thus generating the exhaust back-pressure required for the cylinders. The vehicle management computer (FFR) measures the current exhaust back-pressure via a sensor and ensures the required pressure for actuation of the servo cylinder via a proportional valve. The staggered response of the sustained-action braking equipment permits regulated use when driving. Smooth, jerk-free braking can be achieved in this way.


The impressive combination of the powerful EVBec engine brake and the MAN PriTarder® water retarder creates an efficient and economical brake system. In contrast to a conventional retarder the water retarder works directly with the water from the cooling circuit.


As is the case with the intarder, the MAN PriTarder® is incorporated into the MAN BrakeMatic sustained-action braking management system: When shifting/declutching, the service brake is activated so that the braking power is not interrupted during gear changes (reblending).


Reliable braking assistant in critical situations

The braking assistant detects emergency braking manoeuvres based on the intensity of the pedal operation. In this case, the system automatically activates the maximum possible braking force irrespective of the driver’s action. This can reduce the braking distance in dangerous situations and potentially avoid accidents.



Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Gain valuable reaction time: The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) provides immediate warning in the event of an imminent collision and even stops the truck independently if needed. In addition, the Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS) warns vehicles behind.


MAN camera systems

Put an end to safety risks caused by blind spots and non-visible areas: Our innovative MAN camera systems reliably monitor the traffic situation all around your vehicle - whether you’re making a turn or changing lanes, reversing, or manoeuvring your vehicle in tight spaces.

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Adaptive cruise control (ACC Stop & Go)

The adaptive cruise control (ACC Stop & Go) controls the speed of the truck and maintains a safe distance to the traffic ahead. In heavy Stop & Go traffic, it also takes over moving off and braking automatically.


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