MAN AC Wallbox


Ready to go! The ideal charging point for your eTGE is the MAN AC Wallbox. Installed on the premises of your company or at home, it ensures that your electric transporter is freshly charged overnight and ready for you each morning. The compact charging unit with a connected load of 7.2 kW fully charges your eTGE in less than five and a half hours (05:20 hrs).


Your local sales advisor will be happy to advise you on the different charging options. You will need a certified electrician to install the MAN AC Wallbox.


DC charging


Total flexibility when “Fuelling electricity”. Your electric transporter needs to cover additional distance today? No problem. Our series standard CCS charging socket makes it easy for you to top on energy. Fast DC charging at any CCS DC voltage charging station with 40 kW output: After just 45 minutes the battery of your MAN eTGE is filled up again by 80%.


By the way: The eTGE comes with a standard on-board navigation system that shows you the closest charging station. Please note that you will require a special charging card or app, depending on the charging station operator.


AC charging


Stay mobile. Everywhere. Even if there is no charging station! The charging unit of our MAN eTGE also makes it possible to use a conventional 230 V socket, e.g. while working on the construction site or at home in your garage.


For a full charge using standard power, we recommend charging overnight.