With our MAN Lion’s Coach long-distance buses and coaches, you can now travel with even greater comfort, reliability, safety and efficiency.

Their appearance and equipment are as confident and elegant as they are impressive and functional. And their technical inner workings provide pure driving dynamics and consistent efficiency. The new MAN Lion’s Coach guarantees outstanding driving comfort, with a drive power of up to 510 hp. And all this with low fuel consumption and compliance with the strict emission standard Euro 6.

A lion you can always rely on. With its technically advanced components with long-term reliability and the comprehensive service offered by MAN, the Lion among coaches guarantees optimal vehicle availability and a maximum level of utilisation.

New design for more power and efficiency


With the introduction of the new roll-over standard, MAN set itself the goal of working to improve tried-and-tested concepts even further. And the result is nothing short of impressive. Thanks to patented MAN technology, the new skeleton can absorb over 50% more overturn force than before, resulting in a significant increase in safety for everyone on board. Plus, one look in the engine compartment reveals that the focus there is on efficiency. The optimised driveline, combined with the fuel-efficient assistance systems, ensures that the MAN Lion’s Coach reaches its destination with more power and efficiency.

Fascinating yet functional design


The new front headlights – fully equipped with light-emitting diodes like the rear lights for the first time - are an immediate eye-catcher. The dipped-beam and high-beam headlights are now around 50% brighter and have an extended range, increasing safety and bringing down operating costs. The blend of efficiency with innovation in design comes to the fore once again in the newly designed, ultra-light engine compartment flap. With its full black gloss paint finish, it visually extends the rear window downwards and also makes for an excellent space for advertising. Plus, the lack of steel means that corrosion is a thing of the past.


Safety that impresses


As well as being a sound investment, the MAN Lion’s Coach also guarantees maximum safety for all passengers thanks to innovative assistance systems, the torsion-proof skeleton with fire protection, and the bigger glass skylight, which makes it even easier to escape in case of emergency.


The cockpit has been revised too – it now features an even more user-friendly operating concept and helps to significantly increasing safety levels on journeys.


Modifications to the interior for increased safety


The ergonomically designed cockpit 
offers intuitive operation while driving, meaning that the driver can fully concentrate on the road.


The new, bigger glass skylight/emergency exit hatch 
features high UV filtration to protect passengers from the sun and offers increased safety by providing an easier option of escape in case of emergency.

New skeleton design in line with ECE R66.02.

Torsion-proof skeleton with fire and smoke detection system

  • Patented ‘pipe-in-pipe’ technology
  • Use of high-strength steels
  • Extremely stable roll bar with additional inner pipe near the B-pillar and at the rear




Innovative assistance systems

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Smart gearbox for outstanding driving comfort

Smart gearbox technology ensures that power is converted into dynamics as effectively as possible in your MAN Lion’s Coach: The MAN TipMatic® Coach automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox selects the right gear for every driving situation and adapts the engine speed during gear changes. In direct 11th gear, the automatic gearbox achieves an efficiency level of 99.7%. Its SmartShifting function combines a fast shifting sequence through SpeedShifting across all gears with upshift assistance and gear selection according to the current driving situation. The integrated tilt sensor provides special assistance when moving off. The automatic gearbox uses the additional sensor data and reliably detects the right gear according to vehicle weight and the current landscape topography.

Our MAN TipMatic® Coach gearbox also achieves top marks when it comes to noise and reliability. Technical developments decrease the operating noise of the gearbox by 6 dB(A) in comparison to the previous model. And we were able to increase the service life of the mechatronics 1.6-fold. The TipMatic® Coach gearbox will of course always offer you the choice between fully automatic and manual gearshifts.


Impressive gearshift logic

The 6-speed EcoLife automatic gearbox optimises your driving performance in more ways than one: in stop-and-go city traffic, on short cross-country trips and on mountain tours. The modified gear set enables early upshifting, maintains the thrust moment down to first gear and reduces speed in all gears. The rolling function keeps the engine idling when going down a minor downhill gradient. Both of these technical highlights deliver the same result: saving fuel and energy.

Also, benefit from the phenomenal coasting feature: preventing interruptions in traction and giving your MAN Lion’s Coach occasional breathers can extend the vehicle’s service life.


Profitability meets pure perfection 


Developed with the daily challenges of our customers in mind, every last detail of the MAN Lion’s Coach has a focus on efficiency. What makes this vehicle such a success in day-to-day operations, however, is the fact that it appeals to business owners, drivers and passengers alike. Fleet managers are won over by the outstanding profitability offered by maximum vehicle availability, whilst drivers and passengers appreciate the exceptional comfort.

Even more room to evoke emotion


Looking for a little extra length? With the addition of the new 13-metre version over two axles, the MAN Lion’s Coach range now features the perfect solution to ensure that your fleet is optimised for your requirements. Boasting up to 59 seats and much more space for bags and cases in the luggage compartment and storage compartments, this comfortable coach can be tailored much more effectively to suit specific needs.

The EfficientLine package for the MAN Lion’s Coach: less fuel, less wear, more efficiency.


The EfficientLine package is MAN’s combination of an optimally tuned driveline with additional fuel-efficient features. All of the components have been put together with the aim of guaranteeing maximum efficiency. This means that fuel consumption is reduced by a considerable margin, whilst wear is minimised and your overall operating costs are kept as low as possible.


The EfficientLine package includes:


Efficient driveline

TipMatic® Coach gearbox with smart start-up and gear-shifting strategies, which lowers fuel consumption and significantly improves driving comfort and safety

  • EfficientCruise® GPS-controlled cruise control and EfficientRoll® gearbox function that also pre-emptively controls the rolling function via GPS connection, for even more efficiency and comfort when driving
  • Long axle ratio of i = 2.73 which results in reduced consumption and wear as well as less noise


Efficient features

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) to prevent vehicles from being driven with incorrect tyre pressure
  • Full light-emitting diode headlights for longer durability and less energy consumption
  • Alloy wheel rims for reduced vehicle weight
  • Anti-theft alarm system


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