Transporting heavy aircraft turbines, transformers and marine diesel fuel is the top tier of the logistics industry. Apart from XXL loads, the heavy-duty transport industry poses many other weighty challenges that have to be mastered: Tight restrictions and high bureaucratic hurdles. Night-time drives with poor visibility.

And long detours, because not all routes are suitable for heavy-duty transports. To ensure that you can secure yourself a top position in the “Champions League”, we offer you industry-specific MAN heavy-duty trucks weighing up to 250 t ex works.


High traction

Heavy-duty transport is extremely hard work, both for the driver and the vehicle. Escorted by the police, tonnes of heavy freight are transported to their destination mostly at walking speed. This heavy task requires extremely powerful trucks that deliver high traction force, even at low speeds.

High-torque engine

The new MAN D38 six-cylinder engine with 640 HP has plenty of power under the hood to fulfil all your requirements. Thanks to the two-stage turbocharging of the engine, the full torque of 3,000 Nm is available from as low and 930 rpm. And if you require a little more traction to move off at times, the converter-clutch unit, which is fitted as standard, provides a temporary increase in torque.

Varying load conditions

Not every truck always carries the maximum load. Depending on the order situation and operational planning, partial loads and empty runs are also part of the everyday transport business. Not only are they uneconomical but they also impact the environment and traffic infrastructure.

Cost-saving efficiency technologies

Our MAN TipMatic® automated gearbox provides you with cost efficiency on the road, no matter what the load condition is. The Heavy-Duty programme constantly monitors the gross train weight and calculates the suitable gear-shift strategy accordingly. Positive side effect: Your fuel consumption is reduced.

More about the MAN TipMatic®

Wear-free and swift downhill driving

Bringing a 50 meter long vehicle that weighs in at 250 tonnes safely and swiftly to its destination during downhill drives is hard work. To keep themselves and others safe, drivers have to be able to rely one-hundred percent on the brake force of their vehicles.

Maximum brake force

Thanks to two innovative brake technologies, MAN heavy-duty tractors effectively mitigate hazardous situations: The Turbo EVBec®engine brake provides maximum brake output at low engine speeds, and the retarder ensures maximum brake force at low driving speed. This gives you an impressive brake output of 900 kW.

Minimal downtime

Heavy-duty transports need multiple weeks of preparation. There are applications to be made, routes to be planned, roads to be closed and police escorts to be organised. If a vehicle malfunctions, this does not only cause a major loss in profits, but also a substantial increase in organisational effort.

Exceptional reliability

MAN heavy-duty transporters make it easy for you to get heavy loads to their destination on time. MAN trucks are among the most reliable on the market and have been scoring high marks in the TÜV reports since 2012.

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Quick availability

To ensure that your vehicle is on the road and ready to earn profits for you as quickly as possible, individual retrofits have to be kept to a minimum.

Custom-made ex works

We offer you industry-specific heavy-duty tractors as series-production vehicles. Equipment required for heavy-duty applications is also available ex works. For you this means: no special production and no subsequent attachments and conversions.


Discover our top models for heavy-duty transport.


MAN TGX – the economic one

The TGX can get even more out of every drop of fuel thanks to its drive system, which is specially designed for efficiency and performance: more distance, more torque, more power. It proves that even with XXL freight, reaching ambitious profit targets is not a heavy task.


MAN TGS – the assertive one

This is our specialist for particularly heavy missions. The MAN TGS combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS is a power package that always gives full throttle to ensure the success of your business.


MAN TGX 26.500 6×2/4 BLS

“Safety first” is the theme for this TGX three-axle vehicle. It comes fully equipped with top modern safety and driver assistance systems like EBA2, ACC and LGS IV as well as gas discharge headlights plus additional headlights ex works.

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