The global population produces several million tonnes of waste every day. Alongside typical domestic waste, the disposal of recyclables, construction site waste, bulky waste, electronic scrap, organic waste and sewage poses a major challenge for the waste industry.

We offer a wide range of customised vehicles to help you make clean work of waste disposal. Efficient, powerful and reliable – they cover the whole spectrum of logistical disposal tasks.


Increasing waste generation

A thinned-out network of landfills and thermal treatment plants means that transport routes between collection areas and unloading points are getting longer and longer. The increased fuel consumption results in higher transport and disposal costs.

Maximum payload

We consistently invest in light-weight construction to make sure that you can handle more waste per load. Our low-weight vehicle components put MAN trucks among the lightest on the market.

Increased transport costs

A thinned-out network of landfills and thermal treatment plants means that transport routes between collection areas and unloading points are getting longer and longer. The increased fuel consumption results in higher transport and disposal costs.

Economical engines

We help you to save fuel with our particularly economical engines. Another advantage is that you can fill up our engines with environmentally friendly biodiesel.

Constant stop-and-go traffic

The routes taken by municipal disposal companies generally involve short stretches of road, meaning constant starting, gear-shifting, braking and stopping. This is a continuous strain for both the driver and the vehicle.

Customised gear-shift strategy

Our MAN TipMatic® COLLECT range, which has been specially developed for the disposal sector, shortens the shifting times of the automated gearbox and optimises efficiency per trip. Positive side effect: you also save fuel. Customised gear-shift strategies for the rear and side loaders result in further improvements in transport efficiency.


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Designed with waste disposal in mind

Not all waste is the same – and there is an ideal loading option or every type of waste. The rear loader empties the waste container via a rear opening in the body. With a front loader, containers are lifted over the cab and emptied into the collection tanks behind the cab. The side loader empties the container using a gripper on the right-hand side of the chassis.

Excellent body-mounting capability

MAN trucks are among the top vehicles on the market with regard to body-mounting capability. Our engineers have managed to create space for various loading variants with a modified configuration of the exhaust gas technology and the diesel and AdBlue tanks. Our powerful PTOs come straight from the factory with the power you need for the hydraulics of the unloading system and compactor, which can be conveniently operated by the driver via a manual controller.

Increasing traffic

Over the coming years, the number of cars on the road worldwide will continue to increase. This will result in even more traffic jams, which will make it increasingly difficult for waste collection vehicle drivers to stick to their planned routes.

Optimised work processes

We help you to make your work processes more efficient, so you can stay on track despite the increase in traffic. A special MAN feature is the ECAS air suspension with electronic level control. It automatically adjusts the suspension to the relevant load condition. The body can also be raised and lowered automatically to help you with loading and unloading.

Narrow access roads

Narrow access roads and jam-packed driveways require agile refuse collectors with precise manoeuvring capabilities.

Optimum manoeuvrability

Steering via the leading or trailing axle depending on the application ensures optimum manoeuvrability in every load condition. In addition to this, the adapted gearbox software of the MAN TipMatic® automated gearbox makes manoeuvring in tight spaces easier.


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Discover our top models for waste disposal.



This is our specialist for difficult disposal missions. The MAN TGS combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – the high-performance cleaning hero that is committed to waste disposal.



It is as versatile as your day-to-day disposal tasks. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM is bringing even more transport capacity and reliability to the roads. This makes it a robust, dependable and efficient disposal specialist.



The saying 'multi-talented' was invented for this truck. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and excellent manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures that you make fast work of waste disposal, even in highly built-up residential areas.


Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for waste disposal here.

TGM 26.320 6x2-4 BL

With a payload advantage of 1000 kg in the 26-tonne category, the rear-loading refuse collector is optimally prepared to start its waste collection rounds – and it is perfect for the driver thanks to the comfortable access to the C cab (with a central seat and cab extension as an option) with only two steps.

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TGS 26.360 6x2-4 LL

Rapid collecting, good handling: The MAN side loader version comes with all the equipment ex works, including a steerable trailing axle, special gearbox software and a free right-hand side.




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MAN TGS 35.440 8×2-6 BL

Equipped with a PTO on the flywheel side and a customer-specific special module (KSM), our TGS front loader can load large quantities of waste and compress it to save space.




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TGS 35.510 8x4-4 BL

The MAN TGS 35.500 8x4-4 BL is a manoeuvrable four-axle chassis (triple axle arrangement) for body functions with high power requirements (OMSI sandwich PTO on the flywheel side for power and torque-intensive body functions).


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