Do you work in a trade? Then we have the perfect vehicle for you – the MAN TGE. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the “truck among vans” and what potential it holds for your business. No other van you’ve ever driven before will come even close.


Professional tradespeople know their job inside out.


And we do, too. With over 100 years of expertise in commercial vehicles, we know your requirements better than most. We have been building commercial vehicles from the very beginning, vehicles that can meet almost any challenge and do what they’re supposed to do - get the job done. Our unique expertise makes us the ideal partner when it comes to finding the right solution for your craft or trade.


Our industry-specific customer advisers know your trade and understand its requirements. Just like you, they are true professionals who don’t take half measures.


Your benefit lies in our roots - the truck business. Because when it comes to power and convenience, the TGE has learned much from its bigger brothers. For you this means that your everyday job becomes not only easier but also more convenient.


Our specialised service personnel have the knowledge and the equipment to take care of your TGE whenever it needs maintenance or repairs. This way, you and your vehicle are always ready to go.


Our MAN workshops offer extended opening hours – tailored specially to your business.


Just like you are there for your customers, we are here for you and offer you an extensive network of workshops to choose from.


Should you ever get stranded on the road, we’ll come to you - 24 hours a day, seven days a week2). Our professional staff will do everything they can to keep your business running, wherever you are.


We know that time is precious, which is why we give you the option to be provided with a replacement vehicle from the van range to keep you on the road while we take care of your MAN TGE. This way, nothing stands between you and your commitments.


As a skilled tradesperson, you will have to transport heavy materials and tools from A to B on a daily basis. The MAN TGE offers you a wide range of functional equipment to find the perfect solution for every task. Because we understand your trade and its specific requirements.

Universal floor


Professional tradespeople know to build on strong foundations.


In our case, on the universal floor1) of the MAN TGE. With this solution, installing and removing shelving and cabinet systems from a wide range of manufacturers is not only easy, but also leaves behind no residues. As a result, it provides a solid basis for your day-to-day activities on the job.



Cargo lashing

Professional tradespeople don’t leave any loose ends.


Thanks to the sophisticated cargo lashing options in the MAN TGE, you can be sure that everything is always well tied up. There is plenty of space for all your equipment and everything is always in the right place. Thanks to the numerous retractable lashing rings fitted in the floor, you can secure any load both safely and quickly, meaning you are always ready to take on the next challenge!



Storage system

Professional tradespeople don’t put all their tools on one shelf.


And in the MAN TGE, there is no need to do so, thanks to plenty of spacious storage options. The well-designed storage concept of the TGE means that all your tools have their own place, may it be your work gloves or a folding rule. What’s more, with the 230 V socket1) in the cockpit, you can even charge your wireless screwdriver in no time.



Assistance systems

Professional tradespeople are never caught off guard.


Especially with the wide range of innovative assistance systems in the MAN TGE. For example, each vehicle is equipped with an advanced emergency braking system as standard. You can also take full advantage of the parking assist1), side-protection1) and lane guard systems1). And that’s only 4 of a total of 18 assistance systems built into the MAN TGE.



Try it out for yourself and arrange a test drive today!