Truck-based skylifters are the perfect solution if you need to assemble wind turbines, repair power lines or clean glazed façades. They allow you to work at great heights and to access hard-to-reach areas. They need to meet the highest standards when it comes to stability and occupational safety, as working heights of up to 100 metres are not uncommon.

To help you to aim for even higher business targets and reach them safely, MAN skylifters combine powerful engines with maximum safety, economic efficiency and stability.


Overhang when swinging out

With ranges of over 40 m, skylifters offer an impressive working radius. However, when swinging the boom out at great heights, there is a risk that the working platform will overhang and the vehicle will end up tipping. To stop this from happening, the chassis needs to be extremely stable.

Optimum manoeuvrability

MAN skylifters are extraordinarily manoeuvrable and versatile due to their short wheelbases and compact design. The individual start-up and gear-shift strategies of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox make manoeuvring easier, even when space is extremely limited. The selectable MAN HydroDrive® front-wheel drive supports you on rough terrain and provides the necessary traction – and it is 400 kg lighter than a typical all-wheel drive. When all-wheel drive is required, we provide support with the MAN TipMatic Dx all-wheel drive gear-shift program.


More on the MAN TipMatic®

More on the MAN HydroDrive®

Individual bodies and conversions

Despite the wide range of MAN skylifters, individual bodies are required for specific application areas. It must be possible to implement these bodies quickly and cost-effectively.

Frame design for easy body mounting

MAN trucks are prepared to meet your individual body needs as standard. The even upper frame edge with a practical hole pattern makes assembly easier for the body manufacturers. With their exhaust being either set further back or moved to the right, they offer plenty of space for the installation of hydraulic supports. Driver's cabs with a roof lowering function and a 10° or 16° slope ensure optimal superstructure capability.

High load capacity

As truck-based skylifters transport the materials, tools and machines required for the job, as well as the workers, load capacities of up to 600 kg are not uncommon. Chassis need to be designed to carry a high payload.

Payload-optimised chassis

We consistently invest in light-weight construction to ensure that you can always make the most of the payload. You benefit from a large payload advantage thanks to the low chassis weight combined with the powerful MAN engines.


MAN TGS – the assertive one

This is our specialist for difficult missions at great heights. The MAN TGS combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives its all to ensure the success of your business.


MAN TGM – the all-rounder

It is as versatile as your day-to-day challenges when working at lofty heights. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM is bringing even more transport capacity and reliability to the roads. This makes it a robust, dependable and efficient partner for your business.


MAN TGL – the manoeuvrable one

The saying 'multi-talented' was invented for this truck. This is because it stands out with its ability to access hard-to-reach work assignments. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and extreme manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures you are always on the rights track, be that in heavy inner-city traffic or on a narrow construction site.




Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for working platform bodies here.


MAN TGL 8.190 4×2 BB

Our MAN TGL skylifter is highly manoeuvrable with a compact wheelbase/overhang of 3050 mm/1525 mm. Suitable with: the short and narrow C cab. Perfect for assignments on construction sites.

Start configuration


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