Be it on wet, muddy or snow-covered streets, damaged driving surfaces or even off-road, the MAN TGE 4x4 will get you safely where you need to be. Our low-maintenance all-wheel drive system comes fully integrated from the factory, giving you a one-stop solution with a short delivery time and all at an amazingly low price.


It takes just 84 milliseconds for the all-wheel coupling system to smoothly transfer the drive torque to the axle where it is required, meaning both driver and goods arrive safely at their destination, whatever the weather.

On good road conditions, these timely transfers triggered by the smart, integrated all-wheel drive solution make you just as energy-efficient as you would be using a front-wheel drive. If required by the road conditions, the drive torque is flexibly distributed to both front and rear axles in just milliseconds, so that, on a wet road, for example, you never lose the feel of the ground beneath your wheels.


Integrated safety

For even greater safety, the MAN TGE 4x4 also offers other integrated driver assistance systems1) like ABS, TCS or ESP. Our MAN TGE 4x4 thus ensures that both driver and goods arrive safely at their destination whatever the weather, even on poor road conditions.



Driving comfort through the urban jungle

The option of combining the all-wheel drive system with an automatic gearbox1) now offers top-class comfort for city drivers. You‘ll soon come to appreciate the even handling and the precise directional stability of the MAN TGE with all-wheel drive, particularly during the daily rush-hour.


Whether you’re travelling along streets or following stony forest and country tracks, the MAN TGE 4x4 is designed to transport you and your heavy loads safely and reliably, with the additional option of towing.

A particular advantage of the MAN TGE 4x4 is its low weight, achieved thanks to the in-factory installation and smart all-wheel drive technology.

When required, it takes just milliseconds for the robust all-wheel system to transfer the traction to the front and rear axles, excelling on difficult terrain, like building sites, while taking extreme inclines in its stride. On request, an electronically-controlled differential lock1) is available for yet greater traction.


Discreet support

With our all-wheel drive system, you have a silent co-driver permanently on board to support your driving but, thanks to our sensor technology, there are no beeps or sounds to distract or disturb you.


The robust all-wheel drive system is always there in the background to support the driver. The integrated MAN TGE all-wheel drive technology offers safety, dynamics and a unique driving experience. Thanks to the differential lock on the rear axle that can be activated if necessary, the MAN TGE 4x4 offers the best traction off-road and excels even over rough terrain. With the all-wheel drive, driver and goods get to those places a rear-wheel or front-wheel vehicle just can’t manage, meaning the driver can concentrate on getting the job done, even in the toughest of conditions.


The same height


Using the integrated all-wheel drive system, the MAN TGE 4x4 loads at the same height as the rear-wheel drive, allowing you to load and unload your vehicle with ease.

The all-wheel drive performs both off-road and on snow-covered or slippery roads, reacting quickly to side winds, providing safety for both driver and goods.


The MAN TGE 4x4 – excellent handling, low accident risk and noticeably more efficient. With its low-maintenance all-wheel drive system, the MAN TGE 4x4 can handle any terrain, whatever the weather. Fully-automatic technology means that traction loss is controlled in a split second.

As for design, the MAN TGE all-wheel drive impresses with its low excess weight while the loading sill remains at the same height as before.

Thanks to the 5th generation electronically-controlled all-wheel coupling system with switchable rear-wheel drive, the MAN TGE all-wheel drive is fully compatible with all driver assistance systems – from ESP to speed-dependent electric steering with lane guidance system1).


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