We have always built amazing buses. And now we’re making one a little smaller than usual. MAN TGE Minibuses are the ideal vehicle for passenger transport – for excursions, hotel transfers or shuttle services.



Comfortable, spacious and adaptable: The MAN TGE City1) 2) ensures a modern passenger experience for scheduled transport services. With its passenger-friendly fittings, this agile multitasker provides optimal urban transport comfort.

Ease of access


The double-width sliding door guarantees smooth passenger flow. The low entry sill enables effortless embarking and disembarking at standard bus stops with a kerb. Lowering of the vehicle is thus no longer necessary, which saves valuable time. Moreover, the MAN TGE City1) 2) is equipped factory-direct with a folding ramp for wheelchairs.


Numerous possibilities


The arrangement and number of seats can be adjusted to suit the requirements of all kinds. Our variant with optimised seating offers up to 13 bucket seats and 3 folding seats, for instance. Alternatively, our space-optimised variant has fewer seats and thus more room for wheelchairs, prams and standing passengers. What’s more, the ergonomic handrails ensure a comfortable ride throughout even when standing.

Show the way!


The highly visible, electronic destination display can be operated either directly or via the ticket printer. An additional destination display in the interior, as well as fittings for 19-inch track inserts for an RBL system, can be added on request.


Plenty of space for travelling in style: The MAN TGE Intercity1) is the perfect vehicle for making a grand entrance. With up to 19 passenger seats, it offers maximum potential for excursions, hotel bussing and shuttles, or even as a top-class school or club bus.


Ultimate comfort for passenger and drivers


As flexible as your passengers: The track system integrated in the floor of the TGE Intercity means that the seats1) can be easily moved and rearranged. The large, electric sliding door and the electrically extendable step3) guarantee convenient boarding and a grand entrance!

In the interior, your passengers will find high-quality, comfortable seats with three-point seat belts and adjustable backrests. You can, of course, adapt the interior design to suit your requirements – from seats to floor coverings. The air-conditioning system on the roof ensures additional travel comfort for the passengers.

The luggage is securely and easily stowed in the rear of the vehicle behind two wing doors.

Long or extra-long


How spacious do you want it to be? The MAN TGE Intercity1) is available in two sizes and with two different seat configurations: with 16+1 seats or the extra long version seats 19+1 plus boot space.



Small bus, many possibilities: The MAN TGE combi van5) covers the entire spectrum of passenger transport needs. To ensure a first-class experience and maximum comfort and up to 9 seats, the MAN TGE combi van5) is available with the “Shuttle” package. The MAN TGE combi van’s “Mobility” package provides5) space for up to two wheelchairs to accommodate people with limited mobility.

Quick-change artist

With its multifunctional application options, the MAN TGE special vehicle covers the entire spectrum of passenger transport. For example, the wheelchair-accessible vehicle can transport passengers with limited mobility, serve as a hotel and VIP shuttle, or function as a school bus.


Technical data:

  • M1 approval for specific use (< 3.5 t)
  • Euro 6 standard
  • Front wheel drive, 4x4
  • Manually operated gearbox, optional automatic gearbox
  • Different vehicle lengths


Rear ramp

Choose between a mechanical ramp with air suspension or an electrically operated version with or without air suspension. The ramp is installed at the rear and can bear loads of up to 350 kg.

Innovative rail system

Thanks to the rail system integrated in the floor, the seats of the MAN TGE can be easily installed and removed using quick locks, without the need for any tools. The seats can be fixed at any desired point, which allows for a flexible seat arrangement.

Various seating options

You can choose from a variety of different seats for your MAN TGE. The seats can be equipped with optional arm rests, quick locks and a range of different seat covers from the MAN Collection. All seats are fitted with 3-point seat belts as standard.


The MAN TGE is available in various configurations – with up to two wheelchair spaces or up to nine seats.


What matters most to get the job done? The right drive. The MAN Minibuses feature impressive performance and efficiency with their state-of-the-art diesel engines and electric motors. And with our innovative assistance systems you are always safe on the road.


The MAN TGE Intercity1) and the MAN TGE combi van5) come with a high-performance two-litre diesel engine with 103 kW (140 HP) or 130 kW (177 HP). You can choose between front or rear drive and a 6-speed manually operated gearbox or 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The MAN TGE City – which weighs 5 tonnes in the standard version – is equipped with a 130 kW two-litre diesel engine with rear-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The electric motor is only available for the MAN TGE combi van5) up to 3.5 tonnes.

Various driver assistance systems take the strain out of the driver’s day-to-day work, ensuring the safety of driver and passengers alike.

  • Emergency braking system (EBA) as standard4)
  • Crosswind Assist as standard4)
  • Active Lane Assist 4) (standard with eTGE combi van)
  • Automatic distance control 4)
  • Tiredness and traffic sign recognition 4)
  • Side Wall Protection Assist 4) (standard with eTGE combi van)


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