The eTGE is a true MAN And of course you can also rely on 100% MAN service quality when it comes to maintenance and repair. Specially trained technicians will take care of your MAN eTGE at any of our service centres near you. To ensure that you are always good to go, we offer service and maintenance contracts that are tailored precisely to your mobility requirements. The only thing that will be different is the engine oil change that you are used to from diesel vehicles. Because your eTGE doesn’t need it.


Many parts of a conventional combustion engine are no longer required for electric vehicles due to the alternative drive system. Among these are engine components such as air, fuel and oil filter, the engine cooling system and the spark plugs. Other wear parts such as the exhaust system, clutch or manually operated gearbox also no longer exist. The absence of the sliding contacts as they are found in three-phase synchronous engines make the engine wear-free. This alone reduces maintenance costs due to the smaller number of components installed.