Each time the vehicle is coasting, new electricity is generated and the range is thus increased. Recuperation ensures that the kinetic energy of your eTGE is not lost. Instead, it flows back into the battery.


The term recuperation is primarily used for alternative drive systems. It describes the process in which electric vehicles convert kinetic energy back to electric energy.


In contrast to conventional diesel drives where most of the kinetic energy is dissipated during the braking process without being used, electric vehicles exploit this energy to increase their range.


The MAN eTGE has a single recuperation stage when the vehicle is coasting. This means that when the driver removes his foot from the gas pedal and the vehicle is simply rolling, the electric engine functions as an alternator. The wheels transmit the kinetic energy to the electric engine via the driveline, meaning the engine then functions similarly to a dynamo on a bicycle: The car is braked and the recuperated energy is fed into the high-voltage battery. When driving off again or increasing speed, this energy is available to the electric vehicle again.