Continuous Damping Control (CDC) calculates and activates the required stiffness of the shock absorbers according to the load and weight-strain on the vehicle as well as the road surface conditions. During braking or acceleration, when cornering, or on hills, this suppresses pitching and rocking movements.


Intelligent damping in all situations


Rapid lane changes, a sharp bend or heavy braking can cause your truck - especially vehicles with a high centre of gravity - and the load to begin to rock. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) activates the right amount of damping to stabilize the truck and prevent weaving.

A control unit, the system's brain, electromagnetically regulates a proportional valve which determines the flow rate of the oil in the damper. If a higher voltage is present at the valve, the opening in the damper is made smaller. The oil flows more slowly and the damping is "harder". The system calculates and regulates the damping force every 25 milliseconds and thus constantly captures the entire driving situation.

Height and pressure sensors in the vehicle supply the data for the calculations. The CAN bus also supplies the damper control system with information: speed, retardation or acceleration signals, lateral acceleration and wheel speed are all included in the precise calculations. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) adapts the basic damping under normal conditions to the new circumstances with millisecond accuracy.

The basic damping setting can be varied in two stages, which the driver can conveniently select via a rocker switch. This dynamic stabilisation of the load has further advantages: CDC reduces tyre wear and protects the roads.




Lane Guard Support (LGS) & Lane Return Assist (LRA)

Safely on track with the MAN lane assists: The Lane Guard Support (LGS) warns the driver if they accidentally leave the lane. The Lane Return Assist (LRA) actively intervenes if the vehicle leaves a lane without the indicator being operated.

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MAN camera systems

Put an end to safety risks caused by blind spots and non-visible areas: Our innovative MAN camera systems reliably monitor the traffic situation all around your vehicle - whether you’re making a turn or changing lanes, reversing, or manoeuvring your vehicle in tight spaces.

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Intelligent braking management: MAN BrakeMatic

The MAN BrakeMatic intelligent braking management ensures the optimum work allocation between the service and continuous brakes of your MAN truck. This guarantees you superior, low-wear braking at all times - even on long steep inclines.

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