MAN Lion´s City Ü în Intercity Coaches

Comfortable miracle of space

In the passenger compartment, the MAN Lion's City Ü surprises with much room, great comfort and a friendly atmosphere. Daylight streaming through the new glass skylight optimally illuminates the interior. The entrances and exits as well as the centre aisle have been kept extremely low to enable convenient access at all times for elderly people and people with mobility impairments. The engine installed vertically in the rear and the generous legroom between each row of seats are part of a perfectly well-thought out and top class interior concept.


The entire interior of the MAN Lion's City Ü is pleasantly bright with an inviting effect. This pleasant atmosphere is generated by the daylight streaming through each of the plastic skylights. Even better lighting conditions and additional safety are provided by the new, optionally available skylights made from safety glass. An electrically operated tilt function can conveniently open the skylights for ventilation of the interior, and they serve as an additional emergency exit in the event of an emergency.

Up to 88 passengers at the same time find enough room in the Lion's City Ü – either on one of the 44 ergonomic MAN City body-contoured seats with ample legroom or at one of the 44 standing places. Additional uprights and handrails provide safety for standing passengers. Furthermore, the seats are fitted without underseat props, are vandal-proof and have an easy-to-clean cover.

Air conditioning system
Compared with the previous air conditioning systems, the new air conditioning system is considerably lighter — the vehicle weight is less, the fuel consumption is lowered. Additionally, the maintenance requirement for the air conditioning system is reduced and the service life of the air conditioning system increased.

Entrance and Exit

The entrances and exits on the MAN Lion's City Ü are stepless with an extremely low floor height of just 320 mm. The kneeling function can lower the right side of vehicle by a further 80 mm so that the elderly and people with restricted mobility can board comfortably. The MAN Lion's City LE therefore fulfils EU Directive ECE R107.

Folding ramp
From the very beginning, everything and every passenger was taken into account for the interior concept of the MAN Lion's City Ü – from the equipment to suit the disabled right up to space-saving folding seats. Wheelchair users and people with prams can therefore easily gain access to the inside of the bus by using the optionally available folding ramp integrated in the floor at door 2. Furthermore, practical folding seats for accompanying persons can be included as an option in the passenger compartment.