MAN Lion's Coach în Coaches

Passenger compartment for dreamlike journeys

The MAN Lion's Coach presents an extremely comfortable and inviting interior. The large glass panes convey not only a unique atmosphere, they also give a fascinating sense of space. The generous space combined with the comfortable legroom therefore ensure pure travelling pleasure – from the very beginning right up to the end. Service sets are fitted over the ergonomic comfort seats. They allow every passenger to adjust their own ventilation and lighting. The ergonomic and highly functional cockpit on the MAN Lion's Coach provides the driver with a pleasant workplace.


Air conditioning system
All models in the MAN Lion's Coach coach series come with an air conditioning system as standard. Throughout the entire year it fully automatically provides the optimum travel temperature. The air conditioning system also maintains a constantly high air quality at all times as it continuously supplies the interior with fresh air. Additional ride comfort is provided by the ventilation nozzles that are positioned above each seat and can be set separately by each passenger.
Emphasis is given to comfort in the MAN Lion's Coach – when it comes to space as well as the seats. This is why the ergonomic coach seats made from high-quality materials have been specially designed for long journeys and also to meet passenger needs. They also provide plentiful legroom, and are fitted with integrated folding tables with a cup holder on the rear of the seat in front. Passengers can easily adjust the vertical seat position to the rear whenever they wish to experience even more relaxation. And to round off the comfort, above each seat is a service set containing a reading light, adjustable air vents, speakers and service buttons.
The interior of the MAN Lion's Coach is characterised by a well lit feel-good atmosphere. The harmonically integrated night lighting is unique in this class and generates a fascinating sense of space in the dark. Steps at the entrances and exits are illuminated by LEDs to provide extra safety. During the day the passenger compartment is lit up by the large glass windows along with the indirect lighting from the skylight with tinted glass installed as standard. An additional light source is provided by the separately adjustable LED reading lamps positioned above each seat.


Entrances and exits
Every model in the MAN Lion's Coach coach series has wide entrances and exits illuminated independently from the interior. To assist people with mobility impairments and the elderly with gaining access into the inside of the bus even more comfortably, a platform or wheelchair lift can also be fitted at the rear door. Large-area steps furthermore give safe access to the passenger compartment.
Roof ducts
The roof ducts above the seats are designed as open luggage racks and offer huge amounts of stowage space. They provide safe stowage for small items of hand luggage as well as medium-sized travel bags. Indirect lighting ensures the luggage is always in view and easy to reach.
Further equipment details
Hot coffee and tasty snacks can be served during journeys in the MAN Lion's Coach. Because on long journeys the installed on-board kitchen is used – ideally equipped for optimum passenger care. Extra comfort is also provided by the integrated on-board toilet as well as the comfortable bunk for the driver. And the DVD and video system with two 19-inch flat screens promises the best entertainment on the road – at all seats.
Luggage compartment
The proven chassis of the MAN Lion's Coach coach series not only has high comfort and safety reserves, the high decker concept also provides maximum stowage space. In addition to the spacious luggage rack in the passenger compartment, the MAN Lion's Coach also features a convenient luggage compartment sized between 8.9 m³ and 10.3 m³.