MAN Lion's City în City Buses

​Abundant space ensures comfort

In the passenger compartment of the MAN Lion's City bus series, passengers are optimally shielded from urban traffic noise. Passengers feel fine in the bright interior with its harmonious colours. Glass skylights can be installed as an option, to increase the brightness in the interior even further. On the articulated bus models, a translucent gaiter can be ordered for the passenger compartment. Ergonomic and comfortable seats are without underseat props thus providing considerable legroom between the rows. Entrances and exits as well as the centre aisle are very low to ease boarding and alighting. To assist the elderly and those with mobility impairments, the right side of the vehicle can be lowered by up to 80 mm.



Glass skylight
Compared to the plastic skylights that are still available, even more daylight can pass through the new glass skylights into the vehicle interior, thus optimally illuminating the passenger compartment. The electrically operated tilt function additionally permits an optimal fresh air supply on warm days. Extra safety is provided by an easy-to-reach hammer for opening the glass skylights quickly in an emergency.

Translucent gaiter
The translucent gaiter was designed as a flexible transition system for the articulated buses in the MAN Lion's City series. Its rugged material breaks up the daylight in a special way so that the lighting conditions in dark areas are significantly improved. In conjunction with the skylights, a bright atmosphere is thus created that increases travel comfort, while passengers can get to their seats and to the exit more safely.

Air conditioning system
The air conditioning system has been fully upgraded for the latest generation of the MAN Lion's City bus series. The new generation of the air conditioning system provides optimal conditions in the passenger compartment. These air conditioning systems work far more quietly and efficiently than the models previously installed. In addition, the air conditioning system has become lighter, needs less energy and is easier to maintain.

The modern interior concept of the MAN Lion´s City includes USB charging sockets in selected seats and the technical requirements for equipping the bus with a WiFi router. The high quality LED lighting harmonises perfectly with the state-of-the-art infotainment features.

Entrance and Exit

Equipment to suit the disabled
All MAN Lion's City models have equipment to suit the disabled that complies with all the requirements of EU Directive ECE R107. For instance, an optional, fold-down wheelchair ramp at door 2 enables barrier-free boarding for the elderly and those with mobility impairments. The ramp is available as a manual or automatic model. Additionally, there is enough room in the passenger compartment for a wheelchair and also for optional folding seats for accompanying persons.

Stepless entrance, walk-through passenger compartment
All MAN Lion's City buses are built as low-floor buses to guarantee access is as convenient as possible. Furthermore, the floor in the passenger compartment is designed as a flat and stepless surface throughout.

Kneeling function
All MAN Lion's City models can be lowered at one side to increase safety in busy rush-hour traffic. The kneeling function fitted as standard reduces the distance of the floor to the edge of the entrance by up to 80 mm, and therefore guarantees convenient entry for all passengers.