TGX în transport internațional

The new MAN TGX D38 − efficiency meets performance

The new MAN TGX D38 has a tailored powertrain with numerous efficiency functions and is designed for demanding transport tasks. Its core element is the new D38 six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 15.2 litres. This power unit stands for superb power delivery and extends the TGX model range by the HP classes 540, 580 and 640.

Thanks to the many new features in the powertrain as well as its powerful high-torque D38 engines and many comfort- and safety-related improvements, the new MAN TGX D38 is now even more efficient and high-performance.

In the development of the TGX D38, MAN consistently kept the total cost of ownership (TCO) in central focus and managed to combine

  • the new MAN D38 engine,
  • the enhanced MAN TipMatic® shifting system with new gear functions, and
  • the new GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® with MAN EfficientRoll

into an extraordinarily efficient total package.

MAN has designed the new TGX D38 as an ideal truck for heavy-duty long-haul transport and offers suitable basic vehicles. The maximum torques between 2,700 Nm (540 HP) and 3,000 Nm (640 HP) are available in all gears. For customers who often transport high gross train weights, the new TGX D38 offers a fascinating combination of excellent transport capacity and cost efficiency. For routes that place maximum topological demands on the vehicle, the new TGX D38 has enduring power reserves and good traction power on gradients. High transport speeds can thus also be achieved on difficult routes. The enormous output of the continuous braking systems also allows for higher average speeds on downward gradients.


Top model design features
The new MAN TGX D38 has a high recognition value on the road thanks to a number of special design features:

  • The side mirror covers and the striking radiator protective cover are matt-finished in platinum silver.
  • The chrome lettering D38 on the driver and passenger door is another exclusive feature of the MAN top model.
  • The HP output designations 540, 580 or 640 on the doors optically underscore the power of the truck.



A tailored powertrain with new gear functions

The new D38 six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 15.2 litres combines superb performance with superior efficiency. With up to 640 HP, the engine offers the highest traction force for all requirements and is still 160 kg lighter than the most powerful Euro 5 engine D28 V8 – this provides an additional payload benefit.

  • Thanks to the two-stage engine turbocharging, full torque is available from as low as 930 rpm. The powerful torque of the D38 is optimally matched to the bandwidth of the axle ratios. A new-generation Common Rail injection system with a peak injection pressure of 2,500 bar permits very low-particle combustion with optimised fuel efficiency.
  • For maximum reliability and stability, MAN is using burper valves in the new D38 for the first time in a truck diesel engine. This design solution makes the valves and valve seats particularly durable.
  • The innovative TopDown cooling system leads the coolant in the cylinder head directly from above to the areas with high thermal stress and thus reduces wear.
  • Eight cylinder head screws per cylinder ensure that the cylinder head and liner are pressed together with optimum uniformity. Apart from effecting a low oil consumption, this also increases the durability of the cylinder-head gasket.


The new MAN TipMatic® – New fuel-saving gear functions
All model versions of the TGX D38 are combined with the new MAN TipMatic®. It offers three new gear functions, providing even more efficiency with a consistently high output.

GPS cruise control

The new GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® and MAN EfficientRoll
The new GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® is now fitted with MAN EfficientRoll, which means that the rolling function of the new MAN TGX D38 is also intelligently controlled via GPS preview.

Vehicle programme

The TGX D38 model range

The model diversity of the most powerful TGX reflects the variety of its possible applications. It is available as a left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicle and can be combined with XL, XLX and XXL cabs.

MAN offers numerous axle configurations for semitrailer tractors and chassis for a variety of bodies. Long-haul transport and heavy-duty customers can select semitrailer tractors and chassis with 4x2 leaf-air suspension and 4x2 full air suspension. The three-axle vehicles with 6x2 axle configuration plus front or trailing axles also offer a higher permissible gross weight. As a 6x4 with a tandem-axle drive, the TGX D38 guarantees the best possible traction for semitrailer tractors and traction chassis.

The four-axle 8x4/4 heavy-duty trucks come with three rear axles with up to 41 tonnes total weight and a gross train weight of 250 tonnes.

The new TGX D38 thus not only conveys the prestige of a top model, but is also the most efficient transport solution in long-haul transport under difficult topographical conditions and with a full load of 40 to 44 tonnes. The special fuel-saving Direct Drive gearboxes allow for gross train weights of up to 65 tonnes.