TGX în transport internațional

The new MAN TGX - technical data on the truck engines

Full load, full speed ahead: especially in international long-haul transport, time and fuel factors play a decisive role when it comes to efficiency. As fuel costs generally account for around a third of the total cost of ownership, there are many savings to be made by using efficient MAN TGX engines: The new MAN TGX engines get even more miles out for every litre of fuel. MAN Truck & Bus has taken a number of measures to optimise its range of engines. Take a look at the technical data of the new MAN TGX engines and see for yourself.

Use MAN Genuine Oil to reduce your vehicle’s downtime and maintenance costs by extending the amount of time you can go between services. With D20 and D26 engines this translates to intervals of up to 140,000 km between oil changes, as well as up to 850,000 km between cleaning intervals for diesel particulate filters.

The new MAN TGX – technical data: Combination of tried-and-tested engine technology

Up for selection are the six-cylinder Common Rail engines: the new D20 with an output of 360 HP, the new D26 with an output of 420 to 500 HP and the new six-cylinder inline D38 with 540, 560 or 640 HP.
The technical data of the new MAN TGX engines satisfy the Euro 6 standard.
A number of improvements in the powertrain ensure that the new TGX D26 and D38 engines consume less fuel while torque is permanently increased by 200 Nm and output by 20 HP, providing increased driving comfort. The new D26 and D38 engines can be run on hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) for the first time.


D2066 10.5 l
265 kW (360 HP), 1,800 Nm  
D2676 12.4 l
309 kW (420 HP), 2,100 Nm  
338 kW (460 HP), 2,300 Nm  
368 kW (500 HP), 2,500 Nm  
D3876 15.2 l
397 kW (540 HP), 2,700 Nm  
427 kW (580 HP), 2,900 Nm  
471 kW (640 HP), 3,000 Nm  


Technology you can trust: MAN systems ensure safer and more efficient driving


At the ready when you need them. Always. MAN safety and driver assistance systems are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination safe and sound. Systems available in the MAN TGX for long-haul transport:


When efficiency meets comfort: The MAN Efficiency systems in the TGX save transport costs and provide increased comfort on your long-haul journey. The GPS-assisted cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® reduces fuel consumption by up to six percent. The extra traction provided by MAN HydroDrive® enables road vehicles to go off-road without any difficulty. The MAN TipMatic® twelve-gear automatic gearbox ensures driving dynamics and a distraction-free journey.