TGX în Heavy duty transport

Power pack up to 250 tonnes gross train weight

The MAN TGX D38 is ideal for use in heavy-duty transport. The highest output of up to 640 HP is available in this area.

New to the IAA 2016: The continuously variable MAN TurboEVBec engine brakes and the brake support of the MAN intarder work together seamlessly in the MAN TGX. They bring an impressive braking capacity of up to 900 kW to the building site or heavy-duty transport.

The four-axle MAN TGX 41.640 8x4/4 combines the new D38 engine and the new generation MAN TipMatic®gearbox with the standard converter-clutch unit. Thanks to the strong torque of 3,000 Nm, even heavy-duty transports of 250 tonnes can be moved smoothly and powerfully. The converter-clutch unit allows for particularly precise shunting in tight spaces, on inclines and with heavy loads. In addition, the fuel consumption is reduced due to the faster gear shifting strategy.

The newly developed, high-performance turbo exhaust valve brake EVBec is ideal for use in the heavy-duty sector: a braking capacity of 630 kW is continuously available in engine braking mode. Combined with the gear-side intarder, the total braking capacity is 900 kW.

For the cabs there is a choice between all widths XL, XLX and XXL. The driven double-axle unit is available in leaf and air suspension designs. It is possible to use the version with air-suspension rear axles as a ballast truck.

More information on the new MAN TGX D38 is available >here.

Application area up to 90 tonnes

In an application area of up to 90 tonnes gross train weight, MAN offers a choice between first-class options: from the MAN TGX with wheel formula 4x2 to the MAN TGX 6x2 with liftable front or trailing axle to the impressive three-axle vehicle with tandem-axle assembly as a 6x4.