The MAN Lion’s Coach is as powerful as a lion – down to every detail: This is ensured by the latest MAN D26 engine generation with peak performance in power and torque.


In perfect synergy with the smart gearbox technology, the engineering of your MAN Lion’s Coach ensures low wear, long maintenance intervals and long-term reliability.

Your MAN Lion’s Coach is as strong as it is powerful, equipped with the latest safety systems. And its smart driver assistance system is by your side every step of the way - from the Lane Guard System to the GPS-controlled cruise control MAN EfficientCruise. Its LED headlights and rear lights and the vehicle frame designed in accordance with the latest safety guidelines also deliver the highest level of safety on every journey.


There are three different MAN Lion’s Coach engines to choose from, providing the exact drive power required for all areas of application: The powerful and efficient six-cylinder engines have a displacement of 12.4 litres and can deliver 430, 470 or 510 hp, depending on which option you choose. Our reliable engines are further supported by intelligent gearbox technology and an axle concept that is built to last.


Powerful and efficient: The MAN D26 engine

With up to 510 hp and 2,600 Nm torque, the latest generation of our proven MAN D26 engines gets the MAN Lion’s Coach moving. Despite having 10 hp more than the previous version, the MAN D26 engines weigh less and meet all the requirements of the Euro 6 standard. The common-rail engines have highly effective exhaust-gas cleaning with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system.

The MAN D26 engines have been proven to comply with the strict emission limits in accordance with Euro 6, not only on the test bench but also during mobile emission measurements (PEMS) under real driving conditions. The emission behaviour is checked on different route profiles, with different weight utilisations, and throughout the complete warm-up phase. Additional technical developments such as optimised thermal management, the two-stage fuel filtration system or the demand-based actuation of the three-phase alternators by means of the LIN (Local Interconnect Network) interface provide the best in motor performance.



  Lion's Coach Lion’s Coach C (two axles) Lion’s Coach C (three axles) Lion’s Coach L
Euro 6 engine D 2676 LOH D 2676 LOH D 2676 LOH D 2676 LOH
Service 430 hp, 470 hp 430 hp, 470 hp 470 hp, 510 hp 470 hp, 510 hp
Displacement 12.4 l 12.4 l 12.4 l 12.4 l
Max. torque 2,200 Nm, 2,400 Nm 2,200 Nm, 2,400 Nm 2,400 Nm, 2,600 Nm 2,400 Nm, 2,600 Nm
Type and configuration 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine Common Rail 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine Common Rail 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine Common Rail 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine Common Rail
Gearboxes 6-speed manually operated gearbox (only for 430 hp), MAN TipMatic® Coach automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with MAN EasyStart 6-speed manually operated gearbox (only for 430 hp), MAN TipMatic® Coach automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with MAN EasyStart MAN TipMatic® Coach automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with MAN EasyStart MAN TipMatic® Coach automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with MAN EasyStart

From extreme power to driving dynamics

Whether you are covering long journeys or taking on challenging routes, the MAN Lion’s Coach is safe, powerful and economical. Smart gearbox technology ensures that power is converted into dynamics as effectively as possible – no matter what the driving conditions.

The MAN TipMatic® automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox offers the choice between fully automatic and manual gearshifts. The automatic mode keeps track of which gear is engaged based on the driving situation and adapts the engine speed when the driver shifts gears. In manual mode, the driver is in control of when and how to shift.

Is comfort particularly important to you and your passengers? Then MAN has just the right solution with the 6-speed EcoLife automatic gearbox. Gentle gearshifts without interrupting the traction ensure a smooth driving experience. The optimised coasting behaviour provided by the EcoLife gearbox improves speed in all gears, maintains the energy of the drive torque through to first gear, and enables driving in idling mode even on minor downhill gradients. This allows you to save fuel while your MAN Lion's Coach gets ready for the next sprint.

A sturdy axle design that keeps you safe on the road

Every coach in the MAN Lion’s Coach series is equipped with a low-friction hypoid drive axle as standard, meaning that you always benefit from an extremely high drive torque and yet incredibly little wear with each of our long-haul coaches. In combination with the multi-arm independent wheel suspension with front-wheel stabiliser, the MAN Lion’s Coach offers safety and reliability on any route. The MAN Lion’s Coach C and MAN Lion’s Coach L three-axle models are also fitted with a steered trailing axle. When pulling away on slippery roads, it can simply be relieved of load for a brief moment to deliver optimal traction. Further components of the chassis also play an important part in ensuring maximum safety and extremely high levels of driving comfort, with the most notable example being the air suspension with large-capacity bellows and electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS).


Always drive on the safe side


MAN safety and driver assistance systems are with you every step of the way. Our coaches are equipped with the full range of smart electronic systems which are ready and waiting for when you need them. You can rest assured that you and your passengers will get from A to B safely and in style.

Always drive on the safe side


Our MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-controlled cruise control helps you keep an eye on the road ahead – up to three kilometres ahead to be precise. Through smooth and consumption-oriented intervention in the gear selection, the cruise control eliminates interruptions in traction and secures maximum fuel savings at the same time. Thanks to its innovative MAN EfficientRoll technology, the cruise control can now even control the vehicle’s rolling function using the GPS forecast. Even on a slight downward gradient, the gearbox automatically shifts to the neutral position ‘N’ – but only where fuel consumption can actually be reduced. With the latest efficiency systems on board, the MAN Lion’s Coach delivers more comfort on the road and is gentle on the environment.

Spot on for improved visibility and accident safety


For the first time ever, there is the option to procure the new MAN Lion’s Coach with the front headlights and rear lights featuring only LEDs. The high-beam and low-beam headlights are now around 50 % brighter and have an extended range. The new full LED lights help reduce operating costs and improve the active safety of your MAN Lion’s Coach.


Optimum safety for all passengers was the motivation behind our development of the vehicle skeleton in line with the new ECE-R66.02 safety guidelines. Thanks to MAN’s patented ‘pipe-in-pipe’ technology, the new skeleton structure can absorb over 50% more overturn force than before. The additional inner pipes near the B-column and at the rear boost the stability of the roll bars. What’s more, the torsion-proof skeleton features built-in fire and smoke detection systems. Plus, it’s even easier and safer to escape in the event of an emergency as the new MAN Lion’s Coach now has larger glass roof hatches.