The numerous MAN assistance systems ensure maximum safety on the road. They support the driver in everyday situations - may it be in long-haul transport, on the construction site or on their journey through the city centre. Innovative efficiency systems and transmission functions also make your journey more comfortable and save fuel.


You can always rely on our assistance systems: The MAN assistance systems continuously monitor and analyse the driving behaviour and warn the driver at the first signs of reduced attention. If the vehicle moves out of the lane unintentionally, the vehicle is steered back into the lane.

Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

The MAN AttentionGuard detects early signs of reduced driver attention or noticeable changes in steering behaviour - and provides a warning before dangerous situations can arise.


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Lane Guard Support (LGS) & Lane Return Assist (LRA)

Stay on track: The MAN lane guard systems monitor the correct position of the vehicle in the lane. Whilst the LGS warns the driver of unintentionally straying from the lane with an audible signal, the LRA intervenes actively and steers the vehicle back into the lane.

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The predictive MAN cruise control systems reduce strain on the driver: They take care of a suitable gear selection and speed and reliably maintain the correct distance to vehicles in front. This increases driving safety, saves fuel and protects the environment.

Adaptive cruise control: Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go

Always keep a safe distance: The adaptive cruise control (ACC Stop & Go) automatically maintains the space to the vehicle in front, and makes driving easier by automatically moving off and braking when in traffic jams.

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GPS-assisted Cruise Control: MAN EfficientCruise®

The MAN EfficientCruise® system analyses the route up to three kilometres in advance and automatically determines the most economic driving mode and speed. This not only saves fuel but also increases your truck's driving comfort.

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It is important to slow down vehicle and load in the correct manner, not only in hazardous situations. Therefore your MAN is fitted with different braking systems optimised to each other, which provide an all-important overall reduction of braking distance.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) with Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS)

Warning, risk of collision! The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) provides immediate warning. This gives the driver valuable extra reaction time. In the case of a hazard, the system in your vehicle also stops automatically and warns the traffic behind via the automatic activation of the emergency stopping signal (ESS).

To the Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Electronic braking management: MAN BrakeMatic

Optimum division of work between service brake (wheel brakes) and continuous brake (engine brake and retarder) with minimal wear: If the driver operates the brake pedal, initially only the wheel brakes are activated. MAN BrakeMatic activates the continuous brakes which are applied at the same rate at which the service brake is released.


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A major safety benefit - for everyone on the road: With the innovative MAN camera systems you always have a safe view of the traffic behaviour around your vehicle - including when turning and manoeuvring.

MAN BirdView

Change over to a bird’s eye view: Our video system shows you a 360° view around the direct vicinity of your vehicle - including all blind spots.


Video turning system (VAS)

Be completely sure when it’s safe to move: With our video turning system (VAS) you have a complete view of the right-hand side of the vehicle - when turning, manoeuvring and changing lanes.

Reversing camera

A view behind the rear - from the cockpit: The reversing camera means you can always keep an eye on what’s going on at the back of your vehicle. This reduces the risk of accidents or collisions when reversing or manoeuvring.


Whether empty or with maximum load, clear roads or heavy traffic, city driving or rough terrain: With our gearbox and traction efficiency systems you can drive your MAN with the optimum shifting strategy and traction in all conditions.

Semi-automatic manual gearbox MAN TipMatic®

Save fuel - but without sacrificing driving comfort: The gear-shift programs and transmission functions of the MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic manual gearbox provides customised support to the driver - from fully automatic through to gear selection via a touch-action lever on the steering wheel.

To MAN TipMatic®

Hydrostatic front-axle drive: MAN HydroDrive®

Travel to the site swiftly and manoeuvre safely on difficult terrain: Thanks to MAN HydroDrive® your MAN masters both. The innovative hydrostatic front-axle drive provides greater fuel efficiency on the road and more traction on rough terrain.


To MAN HydroDrive®


Whether intuitive operation of multiple vehicle functions or effective support during steering: Your MAN assists the driver via intelligent systems such as MAN ComfortSteering and the MAN multi-function steering wheel makes sure that the driver always has everything under control.

Active steering system: MAN ComfortSteering

Exactly the right steering force for every driving situation: The active steering system ensures easy manoeuvring by adding electronic steering torque. At higher speeds it reduces the steering torque and ensures guaranteed lane-holding.


To MAN ComfortSteering

Multi-function steering wheel

Both hands on the wheel: With the MAN multi-function steering wheel, your MAN not only drives safely and with the ideal ergonomic position. In addition, the driver can also access the most important vehicle systems without taking their hands off the wheel: Setting and activating cruise control or brake control, taking a phone call or operating the radio - all this is possible via the steering wheel at the touch of a finger.

All control buttons are positioned in a clear and intuitive layout to the left and right of the steering wheel centre. The function selected is shown on the central display in the cockpit. The multi-function steering wheel can also be continuously adapted in rake and reach to optimally match your seating position.


Packed full of intelligent technologies: Standard or optional safety systems make sure that you always have control over your MAN even during critical situations.

Electronic Stability Control (ESP)


A wet road surface, snowy roads, a sudden evasive manoeuvre - there are many reasons why a truck may swerve or even tip over. Your MAN actively supports the driver in mastering hazardous situations via the Electronic Stability Control (ESP):


An optical warning signal indicates the system has been triggered. At the same time, the electronic stability program carries out countermeasures and activates the Electronic Braking System (EBS) with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (ASR) functions.


During fast cornering the Dynamic Stability Program (DSP) prevents understeer or oversteer through applying automatic targeted braking to individual wheels. The Rollover Prevention (ROP) integrated within the electronic stability program also significantly limits the risk of tipping.

Continuous Damping Control (CDC)


A rapid lane change, a sharp bend or a heavy braking manoeuvre could cause your truck to start weaving. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) activates the right amount of damping to stabilize the truck and prevent weaving.

To the Continuous Damping Control (CDC)

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)


Via the tire pressure monitoring systems (TPM) you can easily detect incorrect tyre pressures and avoid increased tyre wear and fuel consumption. The tire pressure monitoring (TPM) informs you immediately if the air pressure is not correct in one or more tyres.


Sensors on each valve constantly monitor the tyre pressure - including when driving. The system warns the driver by means of an acoustic warning and via the cockpit display if a tyre is more than 20 percent below or 40 percent above the nominal pressure.

Digital axle load display


Every kilogram counts. But loading your truck as safely and economically as possible does not have to be a logistic masterpiece. Thanks to our digital axle load display, you have an overview of the weight distribution of your load at all times. Not only does this mean that you can optimize the load across the axles. It also means you can reliably avoid overloading the vehicle - without time-consuming weighing.


And this is how the digital axle load display works: The pressure sensors in the system detect the bellows pressure on every air-sprung axle. From the measured air pressures, the control unit then determines the weight distribution across the individual axles.


Good viewing and visibility massively increase transport safety. Our clever lighting and viewing systems make your MAN a shining example.

MAN lighting technology: easy driving thanks to a clear view.


The automatic low-beam headlights with a light sensor make things easier for the driver: The automatic lights reliably control the activation of the vehicle lights - during evening and night journeys, when entering a tunnel or also during the day during long periods of rain. In addition, we offer automatic wipers with a rain sensor for your MAN - this means you automatically have the optimum interval setting when driving through rain.

The active visibility of your MAN is also further increased via our durable and high-intensity LED day-time driving lights as well as the LED tail lights.

For improved driver vision, we make sure the correct area is optimally lit at all times using our special turning lights, which enhances the headlight cone when turning, and via the manoeuvring light, which makes the viewing area of the ramp mirror brighter.

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