TGM în Transport Distribuție

Flexibility meets efficiency: the new MAN TGM

New to the IAA 2016: From now on, the MAN TGM in distribution transport is even more comfortable and safer on the road. This is ensured by rain sensors and the automatic headlight activation. The new MAN BrakeMatic® with the electronic brake system (EBS) and brake assistant (EBA) also offer a decisive safety advantage. Improved seats and steering wheels as well as the MAN Media Truck (MMT) radio system equipped with pro navigation increase the driver’s comfort. An upgraded exterior and a harmonious interior design with warm colours, the lion logo on a black background and customisable details complete the look.

The new MAN TGM has a number of talents. It demonstrates its numerous strengths particularly well when used on its own and when towing a light trailer. Regardless of how it is used, however, its most impressive features are its high payload, large volume and optimum driving characteristics. The new design, comfortable cabs and ergonomic interior make each model in the MAN TGM series an efficient truck.

More style and comfort

The MAN TGM interior concept is at a level only normally seen in high-end passenger cars. The interior trim has been completely redesigned: brushed aluminium strips, grained plastic surfaces and satin chromed door pull handles demonstrate the premium quality. The new dashboard appears clear and uncluttered. Numerous ergonomic storage compartments provide ample stowage space. To ensure that the driver feels comfortable whatever the weather, the lightweight series from MAN also features an efficient automatic air-conditioning system and an air-sprung comfort driver's seat with lumbar support. The shoulder adjustment, seat heating and ventilation create a comfortable seating environment in all temperatures, thereby improving concentration and performance.

Optimum comfortable temperature with the new ‘Sand’ and ‘Graphite’ colour scheme
Visual division of the interior with sand-coloured contrasting strips (door edges, loudspeaker grilles, lower dashboard, storage doors, skylight edge in the upper part)
Customisable interior design with selectable variations for the strips (‘Brushed Aluminium Dark’ and ‘Trunk Wood Anthracite’)

Less is more

Thanks to its low weight, the MAN TGM can transport a higher payload. This is also made possible by its body-friendly frame design and low-consumption and extremely environmentally friendly Common Rail engines. Discover the versatility of the MAN TGM as a distribution vehicle.

Economy and driving pleasure

There are a number of things that make the MAN TGM indispensable in distribution transport – for example the optimum torque curve of the modern Common Rail engines, which allow you to drive economically and with the minimum number of gear shifts. Driven by the efficient D08 series MAN Common Rail diesel engines in Euro 6, motorisation variants between 250 and 340 HP are available. The powerful engines with a 6.9-litre displacement hold their strength during start-up in short-haul and distribution transport and are extremely flexible and smooth on longer journeys.
Wherever this versatile truck is used, it impresses with its low fuel consumption. This is also made possible by the extremely lightweight frame design with maximum stability and loading capacity. The comfortable cabs with state-of-the-art user comfort ensure optimum transport performance. The MAN TGM is an efficient all-rounder that guarantees maximum driving pleasure.

High payload

The MAN TGM is the first choice for optimum payload. The MAN TGM demonstrates its numerous strengths particularly well when used on its own and when towing a light trailer.
The 13 and 18 tonners in the MAN TGM series are also readily available for distribution transport. With all-wheel drive and air suspension, they can tackle even the challenges of traction-critical applications. But the real hard-workers are the 22 and 26 tonners. With their steered trailing axle in the 6x2-4 version or with twin-axle unit, together with the low chassis height, they are extraordinarily flexible and easy to manoeuvre.

The alternatives at a glance:

-MAN TGM with optimum payload and maximum manoeuvrability when used on its own
-MAN TGM 15 tonner, toll-free with load distribution up to 11.99 tonnes
-MAN TGM 18 tonner with optimum payload in regional distribution transport
-MAN TGM 22 and 26 tonner with steered trailing axle, extremely easy to manoeuvre and flexible


TGL/TGM – body-friendly
The MAN TGM is extremely versatile, primarily thanks to its practical hole pattern and even top frame edge. This means that superstructures can be mounted on the chassis quickly, easily and cost-effectively, without the need to drill holes, which often compromise corrosion protection. The frame concept has been superbly designed, right down to the smallest detail. It allows any model in the MAN TGM series to be upgraded with a variety of vehicle and superstructure functionalities. MAN Tronic, the tried-and-tested electronics structure based on CAN bus technology, and the existing interface for external data exchange (KSM) are used for this.


When travelling overnight, clear glass headlights with H7 bulbs or xenon gas discharge bulbs safely light up the road. When cornering, the cornering light provides additional illumination on request. In terms of the rear view, the mirror system has been designed in such a way that blind spots are virtually non-existent.
The MAN BrakeMatic® with Electronic Braking System (EBS) and brake assistant (EBA) guarantees short braking distances when the vehicle is running out of space. Intelligent driver-assistance and safety systems, such as the ESP stability program and the optional LGS lane guard system, ensure that the vehicle stays reliably in the correct lane.


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