TGL în Transport Distribuție

More kilometres, fewer litres

Anyone who wants to get ahead in distribution transport needs a drive that saves fuel while maintaining a high output. In the context of the MAN engine programme, the new MAN TGL also benefits from the numerous engine optimisations. The high-power, redesigned MAN Common Rail engines impress with their optimum torque curve, low consumption and long maintenance intervals. The powerful and environmentally friendly Euro 6 four- and six-cylinder in-line engines in the D08 series from 110 kW (150 HP) to 184 kW (250 HP) run practically pollution-free.

D0834 CR 4.5l
110 kW (150 HP), 570 Nm  
132 kW (180 HP), 700 Nm  
162 kW (220 HP), 850 Nm  
D0836 CR 6.9l
184 kW (250 HP), 1,000 Nm  


Technology you can trust: MAN systems ensure safer and more comfortable driving



    At the ready when you need them. Always. MAN safety and driver assistance systems are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination safe and sound.

    Systems available in the MAN TGM for construction site use: