TGL în Transport Distribuție

High output, small turning circle

IAA 2016 Premier of the new MAN TGL for distribution transport: The latest generation of the MAN BrakeMatic® ensures yet more safety with the electronic braking system (EBS) and brake assistant (EBA) as well as the standard equipment with rain sensors and automatic headlight activation. The new seats and steering wheels as well as the MAN Media Truck (MMT) multimedia system with pro navigation offer more comfort in the cab. The exterior and interior have a uniform design. The interior design decorated with warm colours and the lion logo on a black background can be personalised with additionally selectable strips.

Business owners and drivers are equally impressed with the high payload, low fuel consumption and easy handling of the new MAN TGL. The truck for distribution transport is characterised once again by outstanding driving dynamics and optimum manoeuvrability. With innovations to the tried-and-tested MAN engines, the MAN TGL has everything you need to meet the challenges of short-haul and distribution transport.

Efficiency from 7.5 to 12 tonnes, all trucks travel efficiently and are suitable for a high payload in distribution transport thanks to their low weight. The MAN TGL can be configured precisely to meet the requirements of the task in hand, for example as a tipper, drinks truck, refrigerated vehicle, municipal vehicle or gritter.

Efficiency from 7.5 to 12 tonnes

Low loading level, high payload, dynamic driving characteristics and outstanding manoeuvrability: With these characteristics, the new MAN TGL from 7.5 to 12 tonnes is fully equipped for all tasks in short-haul and distribution transport. This versatile all-rounder also has numerous motorisation variants. Powerful four- and six-cylinder engines from 110 kW (150 HP) to 184 kW (250 HP) run practically pollution-free in the Euro 6 version. Even more efficiency on the road is provided by the optional MAN TipMatic®gearbox with the integrated EasyStart starting aid. The gearbox can be operated manually by touch-action lever on the steering wheel or fully automatically, which alleviates the strain on the driver, reduces fuel consumption and prevents damage to the powertrain.


MAN TGL – body-friendly
The new MAN TGL is an extremely body-friendly type: The frame design allows economical body solutions with full utilisation of the loading length. The body room above the top edge of the frame remains free so there are no component conflicts with the body, and the complete body room can be used up to the top edge of the frame as no chassis components protrude over it. The frame clearance can also be used for other add-on components such as tank compressors or hydraulic tanks.
Frame add-on components have been prepared with appropriate offsets for special requirements on the frame clearance, such as for crane tippers.


The new MAN TGL offers innovative safety equipment to prevent dangerous situations from arising: from the static cornering light and the rain sensor to the redesigned Electronic Braking System (EBS) with brake assistant (EBA), right up to the intelligent safety and assistance systems.